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I’ve added images of Minka at the TCA tour to the gallery, sorry for the wait!

APPEARANCES > 2011 > August 7: 2011 Summer TCA Tour – Day 12

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BEVERLY HILLS – Minka Kelly says a nomadic childhood has helped her adapt to all the things she’s doing as a grownup.

No, silly, she didn’t mean dating Derek Jeter. She meant her new role as the gun-wielding, butt-kicking Eve, one of the three new Charlie’s Angels in this fall’s ABC reincarnation of that popular TV show/movie.

Kelly, whose fellow angels are Rachael Taylor and Annie Honzeh, told TV critics here that “being raised by a single Mom and moving around a lot” made her “adaptable. …You can put me in any situation and I can fit in.”

Eve’s situation is that she was raised in an orphanage and has spent time in prison, so “adaptability” for her has been valuable.

“I also think [that rootlessness] made me value the idea of family,” says Kelly, though Eve seems to send clearer signals on that subject than the actress.

Eve is “a bad-a—- who wants the Angels to be a family,” says executive producer Al Gough.

In real life, the 31-year-old Kelly has thrown little but curveballs at the gossip writers and fans who want to know if she and Jeter are engaged.

They are. They aren’t. Latest word? She seems to be adaptable either way.


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I’ve added 19 MQ photos of Minka and the rest of the “Charlie’s Angels” cast today at their Comic Con Panel.

Minka Kelly Fan Gallery > Events > 2011 > July 23rd: “Charlie’s Angels” Panel – Comic-Con 2011

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New interview with Minka about the upcoming show and prepping for it!

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4. Minka Kelly originally auditioned for the role of Abby.
When producers first met with her no one thought it was quite the right fit. Leonard Goldberg, executive producer of the original Charlie’s Angels said, “she’s an angel but unfortunately she’s not one of the angels in this script. ” Kelly took a leap of faith accepting the role, which didn’t really have her in the script. Miles and Gough ended up writing new material with her specifically in mind and to put it bluntly, Eve French is a badass.

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